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Hi, my name is Marlene, and thanks for stopping by my Wine Cooler Reviews website. In the following pages, you will find all sorts of information on the types of wine cooler you should consider, where best to place them, and just how noisy they really are (or not as the case may be).

I happen to be an avid wine lover and recently started to collect, so I’ve been involved in some extensive wine cooler research which I have decided to share with you.

Wine Cooler Interior

Our website is not about the hard sell. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I aim to bring you good, honest reviews along with a few pages of helpful information that might help you either decide what sort of wine fridge you would like, or what brand will suit you best.


How to Choose a Wine Cooler that Suits You?

First off, you should decide on the type of cooler that you want to buy.

  • Single Zone Cooling
    Wine refrigerators with single zone cooling only have one cooling area and one temperature control. Perfect for starters and people who prefer only red wine or only white wine.
  • Dual-Zone Cooling
    Dual-zone coolers are for those who have a growing wine collection and/or like both red and white wines. They’re a little more expensive, but not that much more.
  • Built-In Wine Coolers
    Ventilation for these coolers is such that you can perfectly integrate them with your kitchen cabinets. Great for design purists and anyone who wants to add a touch of class to their kitchen or bar area.

If you’re about to buy your first wine cooler, I would recommend choosing a small single zone fridge. They’re not very expensive and the perfect way to determine if you’re serious about cooling wine appropriately.

Once you’ve decided about the type of fridge, you can have a look at my top rated wine cooler reviews for all types…

Reviews and Best Picks (by Cooler Type)

We first arranged our top picks by type, and then by size. If you already know what kind of cooler you want, you can jump to that section by clicking below:

Single Zone
Big, for 100+ Bottles

Single Zone Wine Coolers

Ivation 8-Bottle

Best 8-Bottle Beginner Wine Cooler
Ivation 8-Bottle Thermoelectric

If you’re looking for an excellent, high-end wine cooler that is also tiny enough to fit in your kitchen, look no further than this unit from Ivation. With its sleek, simply gorgeous design, it will fit wherever you decide to place it, whether it be on your kitchen counter or on the floor next to your recliner. And it works beautifully.


Avanti EWC1021

Best 12-Bottle Single Zone Cooler
Avanti EWC1021

This unique 12-bottle cooler is capable of storing eight bottles horizontally and four vertically. Its tall, slim design allows you to store a lot of bottles in a little space, while its digital LCD display will enable you to keep good tabs on the internal temperature and to adjust that temperature easily.



Quietest 18-Bottle Wine Cooler
Ivation Red and White Countertop Cooler

This is one of the best wine fridges the industry has to offer. Its energy efficient thermoelectric wine cooling system will run without the faintest bit of noise or vibration, allowing you to relax in close proximity while your wine can settle nicely inside.


Whynter 20-Bottle Thermoelectric

Top Rated 20-Bottle Wine Fridge
Whynter Thermoelectric

This cooler is one with which I am very familiar and very impressed. It features energy efficient and ultra-quiet thermoelectric cooling (like all the best coolers), a simple yet beautiful design, and an easy-to-use control system. Its temperature range is perfect for connoisseurs of all types of wine, including white, red, and dessert wines.


Danby DWC032A2BDB Freestanding (28-Bottle)

Best and Most Silent 28-Bottle Cooler
Wine Enthusiast Freestanding Refrigerator

This sleek and subtle fridge is so quiet that you might even forget that it’s there. Combine that with the ability to maintain a consistent and precise temperature and a sleek and sturdy design, and you’ve got a winner.


Dual-Zone Wine Coolers

Haier Smoked Glass Wine Cellar

Best Budget 12-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Fridge

Available at an incredible price and boasting many great qualities, this is the best wine cooler to give or receive as a gift. If you are working on a strict budget and want nothing but pure quality, I must say that you need not look any further.


Koldfront 18-Bottle Free Standing Wine Cooler

Top Rated 18-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Fridge
Koldfront 18 Freestanding Cooler

The pure elegance and beauty of this stainless steel cooler are enough to sell it to many style-conscious people. However, it also boasts the best features and qualities. From slide-out wooden shelves to a high-tech, low-noise cooling system, and from an easy-to-use control panel with LED lighting to its two separate temperature zones, this is the best wine bottle cooler I’ve seen.


Whynter WC-241DS

Best 24-Bottle Dual-Zone Cooler
Whynter WC-241DS Freestanding Cooler

I simply love this cooler. It’s one of the most perfect wine fridges I’ve ever reviewed. The temperatures of each zone are kept consistent and separate with an airtight divider and seal. The design, insulation, protective smoked tempered glass, and storage space are all spot on. If you’re looking for a stylish wine cooler that executes its dual-zone cooling job spectacularly, I highly recommend this model.


Wine Enthusiast Silent 32-Bottle Refrigerator with Touchscreen

Best 32-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Fridge
Wine Enthusiast Silent 2-Temp

This fridge from Wine Enthusiast has all you need to chill your reds and whites separately, yet in the same place. Its silent cooling technology will not disrupt the mood in your room or the sediment in your bottle. To top things off, it is easy to use and effortlessly elegant in appearance.


Kalamera Wine Refrigerator 46-Bottle Dual-Zone Built-In and Freestanding

Best Premium 46-Bottle Wine Fridge
Kalamera 24-Inch Wine Refrigerator

This Kalamera is built for those who want to hide it beneath a bar top or countertop without putting up with the annoying vibrations of most traditional cooling systems. What’s more, it can hold a lot of bottles without taking up a lot of space. It’s also built to impress with soft blue LED lights and many other wonderful features.


Built-In Wine Coolers

EdgeStar 18-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

Best Small 12-Inch Built-In Wine Cooler
EdgeStar 18-Bottle

This slim EdgeStar wine fridge allows you to store up to three bottles per shelf without taking up much space in your bar or kitchen. It can easily slide beneath almost any countertop and boasts a slew of impressive features, including a built-in carbon filter, a strong circulation fan, and a UV protected glass door.


Kalamera 15-Inch 30-Bottle Wine Cooler

Best Single Zone 15-Inch Built-In / Freestanding
Kalamera 30-Bottle

With a compact design, powerful air circulation system, beech wood shelves that slide out, and a beautiful stainless steel outer encasement, this cooler is perfect under any countertop or even standing alone in any room. Its control display with LED light and large temperature range promises to keep any wine perfectly chilled at all times.


NewAir AWR-290DB 29-Bottle Compressor Cooler

Top Rated Dual-Zone 15-Inch Wine Fridge
NewAir AWR-290DB Compact 29-Bottle

Two temperatures zones (fit for white wines and red wines) allow this stylish and unique built-in cooler to chill your wine perfectly regardless of what type it is. Slide-out beech wood shelves, a good fan system, excellent air circulation, a touch control panel, and LCD temperature display are among the many outstanding features incorporated into this model from NewAir.


Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN 56-Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator

Best Single-Door 24-Inch Built-In Wine Fridge
Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN, 56-Bottle

Looking for a double-wide, under-counter wine cooler but don’t want to fuss around with two doors? This single door unit has everything you need and boasts an incredible capacity of 56 normal wine bottles, but it also holds larger bottles! Check out my full review for more about its other great qualities and features.


Big Wine Coolers

NewAir AWR-1160DB Premier Gold Series

Best Large Built-In Wine Cooler
NewAir Premier Gold Series, 116-Bottle

If you are looking for a large, dual-zone wine fridge, you need not look any further than this top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art unit from NewAir. It features strong shelves capable of holding up to 11 bottles each, an easy-to-use and highly functional control panel with four different temperature displays (in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius), and a ton of other impressive features and functions.


Allavino FlexCount 172-Bottle

Runner Up
Allavino FlexCount Series, 172-Bottle

This double-wide, stunningly beautiful dual-zone fridge from Allavino can be worked into your cabinetry or set on its own for maximum impact. We have reviewed one of its sister coolers with a 56 bottle capacity, and invite you to check out that review (they share everything in common, aside from their size). Or visit the 172 bottle model directly on Amazon.


For more reviews on wine fridges, you can check the review categories in the menu to the right. You will find my personal opinions on many coolers.

If that doesn’t help, you can always check the comparison table for a convenient overview of all wine fridge reviews. A list of images and main characteristics usually helps to make a decision.

  • Comparison Table
    All wine fridges are conveniently listed and displayed, with links to the reviews and price checks.

Best Brands You Will Find on our Website

Not everyone who visits our website is going to be a novice when it comes to wines, how wine coolers work, and the way in which wines should be stored. That’s why I’ve tried to give you a good mix of information for all levels.

I have done my best to review some of the better-known brands such as Edgestar, Avanti, and Danby. We’re not biased, though, so you will also find some of the lesser-known brands like Haier and Vinotemp.

More Wine Cooler Tips, Info and Guides

As you will understand by now, I just love wine, and I have grown a (to some people peculiar) interest in wine fridges. So I thought I would share some of the information I gathered along the way, I hope you like it:

  • Refrigerator vs Wine Cooler – essential information if you’re currently using your home fridge.
  • How to Serve Your Wine – this section will help you wow your friends and family!
  • The Noise Factor – in my opinion, everyone will go to this section because it’s the biggest complaint I hear about!
  • When to Use a Wine Cooler – this might help if you’re undecided about whether you need a wine fridge or not.
  • Wine Cooler Options – here you will learn the important options you should look for.
  • Best Wine Chillers – Ok, these don’t have any electric components for cooling, but they certainly help chill your wines when served.
  • Gifts for Wine Lovers – Since you’re here, you’re probably a wine lover yourself. Check out this page for original product ideas.
  • Why and How to Use a Wine Aerator – Even the best wine needs the right areation (at least with red wines), so here we’ll explore how to speed up the process.

The 5 Best Wine Coolers

It’s hard to choose between all the different types, but here we go, my personal top 5:

  1. Haier Dual-Zone 12 Bottle Cooler
    Price and value both push the Haier to #1, this budget dual-zone wine fridge highly deserves the top rating overall.
  2. Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler
    Of course, I couldn’t leave my own cooler out of the picture. In my opinion, it’s the best free standing cooler overall.
  3. Westinghouse 8 Bottle Thermal Electric Wine Cellar
    Fair price and highly rated among customers. Recommended as an entry-level wine cooler.
  4. EdgeStar 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Fridge
    It has lots of positive customer reviews and might have deserved a higher spot, but it’s a built-in fridge and, therefore, not everyone’s choice.
  5. AKDY 21 Bottle Dual-Zone Freestanding Chiller
    Yet another dual-zone unit in the top 5. With such good value for money, this dual-zone wine fridge just couldn’t be ignored.

A Few Final Words about our Reviews

When I first realized my interest in wine went beyond drinking it, it felt like I had opened a whole “can of worms” that I would never get to the bottom of. This is just one of the many reasons I started this website. You will find all sizes of coolers to choose from – we have dual- and single-zone to tell you about, built-in, all numbers of capacity, and more.

The main aim is to make sure you enjoy your hobby as much as I do, and that’s why I’ve tried to keep it as honest and straightforward as possible.

Enjoy your wine cooler!

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