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Single Zone vs Dual Zone Wine Coolers

If this is the first page you’ve arrived at on our website, you’re probably not aware of the fact that I’m an avid wine lover. Yes, I love to drink it (in moderation), but I also enjoy collecting. For me, this is one of the biggest differences between single and dual zone cooling.

If you’re someone who’s interested in just whites or reds, you won’t really need anything other than a single zone wine cooler because most of what you have can be stored at around the same temperature. However, if you like both reds and whites, as your collection grows it’s pretty much a natural progression from single to dual zone cooling.

Should you Dive Right in With Dual Zone?
Unless you own a business that sells wine or you’re lucky enough to have a collection that’s pretty expensive, the answer is more than likely no, you shouldn’t. I’ve started out with a single zone cooler (the Avanti 12 bottle wine cooler) simply because I was not at that stage with my hobby where I was confident enough to start experimenting with different temperatures.

Collecting wine can be (as I’ve discovered) a pretty complicated affair. Some reds like one temperature whilst others like another, and the same can also be said of whites.

Benefits of Single Zone Cooling
As you’ve probably gathered, I’m aiming towards the novice collectors among you when advising that a single zone wine cooler will be more than adequate for your needs. If you have started to collect, you will want to keep your collection simple so you don’t end up wasting good money on wines that go bad because you don’t fully understand them.

Single Zone Wine CoolerThis method of cooling wine is a good idea if you simply want to chill the wines in a proper cooler rather than the fridge (always a good idea; more information about that can be found here).
All in all, if you’re a drinker of wine or you’ve just started collecting, single zone cooling is probably what you need.

And, single zone cooling is also the cheaper option, for obvious reasons.

Benefits of Dual Zone Cooling
As you’ve probably gathered by now, dual zone cooling really is for people that know a little more about the wines they keep. Having a wine cooler with this option really will only benefit you if you have a decent amount of knowledge on what wines should be kept at different temperatures.

Dual Zone Wine CoolerOf course, if you have both reds and whites in your home, you may want to opt for a cooler like this because it’s not common for reds to be happy at room temperatures or the same temperature as whites. I know that after the amount of research I’ve done on wines that you can easily spend upwards of $100 or more on one bottle. If this isn’t stored at the correct temperature, it can very easily go bad, and as many of us will not spend that sort of money lightly, this is the last thing you need.

Dual zone coolers are more expensive but what’s worse? A bad bottle of expensive red that will never reach your glass, or a perfectly chilled bottle you can open and enjoy on that special occasion?

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