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About Us

We have done our best to make sure you get a completely unbiased opinion on the types of wine coolers there are on the market. We’ve spent many weeks seeking out some of the best brands and types of wine cooler out there.

What you will notice is that we don’t have any direct “buy it now” options. We’re not about making up your mind for you, and we definitely won’t ask for your email address so we can clog your inbox up with sales oriented emails you have no interest in.

As you browse through the following pages, you will notice that I am an avid lover of all things wine, especially wine coolers. Bringing this website to the internet has been a long awaited (and somewhat overdue) project for me.

One of the things I’ve tried to do is not only tell you what wine coolers will perhaps suit you best, but to give you some information on how you should go about choosing the best cellar for you. You won’t find me telling you that you should DEFINITELY buy this type or that, although you do have the benefit of some insider knowledge based on a cooler I once owned (now with my sister), and one I still own which is serving me well.

All that’s left to say is thanks for dropping by our website, and I hope you enjoy the information included. You never know, you might even find the wine cooler you’ve been searching for!

Marlene (and friend for technical assistance)

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