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Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Great Budget Wine Cooler for Beginner Collectors

I have to say the only type of alcoholic drink I enjoy is wine and I rarely, if ever, touch anything else. Before I began to understand that wines should be treated with a tender hand, I always used to keep them in the fridge and it turns out that I could have spent hundreds of dollars over the years on perfectly good wines that were too cold to drink at their best.

This is because you can’t regulate a fridge (as we all know). Well, you can, but not to the extent that wine needs. If you’re new to the wine collecting or drinking “hobby” I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did.

This is why I spend a lot of my time researching different models of wine cooler and, it’s also one of the reasons I started this website. You see, like you I think a bottle of wine shouldn’t be opened unless you know you’re going to get the best from what’s waiting inside.

The first cooler I owned was an Avanti 12 bottle cooler, but it was only after a good research that I bought it. During this research, I came across the Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler and here’s what I found:

Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler

Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler
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Much like my first cooler, the overall look of this one has been designed with your décor in mind. The cabinet is all black with a glass door, but the difference with the door on this model is its reversible. The manufacturers have kindly thought about left-handed people as well as right! And, this also gives you more scope when you’re looking for a space to store it.

This model is also shorter and slightly wider than the 12 bottle cooler I had and it is worth mentioning that unlike the 12 bottle, this 16 bottle doesn’t have the ability to store wines vertically. For me, this was the reason to go for the 12 bottle Avanti. I don’t always finish a bottle of wine, so I want to be able to keep my opened bottles as well.

Cooling Technology
OK, so this is where you might hear about something you’ve not come across, but it’s important to mention. The Avanti 16 bottle wine cooler uses a thermoelectric cooling system, which means there is no compressor. For those of you that are new to wine keeping, thermoelectric cooling is probably one of the best systems to go for. It means less noise (which is good for obvious reasons) and less vibration (which is good because the sediment should not be disturbed).

Other Points to Think About
This cooler comes with a very nice interior light that can be switched on and off manually. This way, you can select your preferred bottle or wine from the outside and keep the open time to a minimum.

It may also surprise you to know that this cooler costs less than the 12 bottle model. This is more than likely down to design factors and the fact you can store bottles vertically in the smaller one. I preferred the 12 bottle Avanti over the 16 model, but I had fun researching both.

In case you usually finish your bottles of wine (and don’t store your wines vertically for other reasons), you can get a real bargain with the Avanti 16 bottle wine cooler. You can find it HERE at Amazon.

And here’s the link again for my Avanti 12 bottle wine cooler review, the better choice for those who want to keep wines vertically.

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