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Avanti 166 Bottle Wine Refrigerator Review

Don’t Have a Wine Cellar? Need to Store Lots of Wine? Read On!

Since I first started my website, my wine collection has grown, and this has led me to do more research on larger wine refrigerators on the market.
Although I must say the one I’m about to review is way out of my league for the moment.

However, I’ve decided to share it with you because I suddenly thought there might well be a lot of people out there who have a bigger restaurant or would either like to really grow their collection, or already have a large number of bottles but no wine cellar. After all, collecting wine isn’t just for the elitist rich these days!

Avanti WCR682SS2 166 Bottle Wine Fridge with Stainless Steel Framed Door

Avanti WCR682SS2 166 Bottle Wine Refrigerator
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You could, of course, go about turning your basement into a wine cellar, but quite honestly for the thousands of dollars that would cost you the money could be put to much better use – buying more wine!
So, that’s why I’m going to tell you all about the WCR682SS 166 bottle wine refrigerator.

Let’s get going!


I love the way this wine cooler looks. It’s sort of imposing but elegant all at the same time. The cabinet is black with a stainless steel door frame and handle. The glass in the door is double paned, tempered and clear so you can see all the “goodies” inside, and you get enough shelves to house at most 166 bottles. The shelves are made from wood and really set the whole design off. Plus, you can make use of the really cool interior LED light which can be turned on or off at the touch of a button.

Incidentally, the door does come with a security lock so you don’t have to worry about undesirables being able to break in and steal your precious wine collection. It also stops over-excited teenagers from deciding to use your collection as their first experience with alcohol!

Features to Help Keep Your Wine in Perfect Condition

You benefit from one touch controls that will display the temperature inside at either centigrade or Fahrenheit. The one touch digital temperature controls have also been designed so you can keep reds, whites and sparkling wine in optimum condition. The manufacturer has also included an in-built interior fan so this wine refrigerator will adapt to the conditions outside the unit without any intervention from you.

The shelves are sturdy and pull out using a roller type assembly design so you don’t have to worry about weight. One thing you may wish to bear in mind is that although this wine cooler can hold 166 bottles, if you have bottles that are larger than the average size you may have to do some juggling around. But it’s not impossible to store unusually shaped bottles (perfect for champagne).

If the temperature outside the wine cooler becomes really cold, you don’t have to worry about anything freezing up because you have an automatic defrost function included.


This wine cooler is for free-standing use only and will require at least 3 inches of space around all the sides. After all, the fan has to be pretty powerful when you have a wine collection of this size.

Dimensions are something else I should mention: The height is 71” width 23 1/2 “ and the depth is 26 3/4 “, it also weighs a hefty 238lbs before you store anything inside so bear this in mind when you’re choosing a space for it.


Personally, I’m really impressed with this wine refrigerator and I think it’s perfect for both personal and commercial use. It won’t break the bank either! Just take a look at Amazon to see what I mean. It will cost you much less than converting your basement into a cellar!

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