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Avanti 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

Someone Always Has to Go One Better!

I’m a very social person, I guess that’s one of the reasons I enjoy wine (apart from the taste). Wine always seems to be the perfect ice breaker when you’re getting to know someone new. However, I digress.
If you’re familiar with my website you will no doubt be aware that I already own the NewAir 28 Bottle Wine Cooler and this does tend to get quite a bit of attention when people pass through my home.

Just recently, I had a dinner party and invitations were for a guest plus one. I just fancied getting to know some people I was yet to meet and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Of course, the wine was flowing and I received compliments from one guest in particular about the flavor and how well chilled it was. We then got talking and discovered we had a common interest in wines and how they should be kept.

Not long into the conversation I found myself showing off the cooler I currently have and it was met with a nod of approval. However, they were soon telling me all about the Avanti 18 bottle wine cooler they had purchased some months ago and, I have to say, I was left feeling a little on the jealous side.

Avanti 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Avanti 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler
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Here’s what he told me:

I was told that the cabinet is black with stainless steel trim and when I looked it up on the internet I could see the door handle complements the overall look really well. Add to that the clear glass door and shiny shelves inside, this unit is very fancy indeed. It’s a free-standing unit but will probably fit well in a kitchen or dining room and has a soft interior light that gives off what I was told is a “comforting” glow.

He then went on to tell me that although my cooler holds 28 bottles and his only 18, he had the option for dual zone cooling. This means two separate cabinets so you can cool different wines to a temperature that suits them. Unbeknown to me (with my lowly single zone), I learned that some reds/whites like to be at different temperatures to others due to the type of grape they come from.

There is room for 6 bottles in the top compartment and 12 in the bottom. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning the control panel has a lock so people cannot mess with the settings you’ve made. Quite a cool feature I thought.

Like my current model, this unit also uses a thermoelectric cooling system, but the guy I was talking to had to concede that mine was much quieter and that when he first used his, it took until the temperature he wanted was reached before the fan settled down.

So, am I Jealous?
Well yes I am, just a little. I did pay a lot more for my cooler but it does hold more bottles. Having said that, the fact you get dual zone cooling with this one is a real bonus and when I was told how much it costs this did kind of turn my eyes a little green.
You can check the price here, I’m sure you will be amazed as well.

If you don’t necessarily need a dual zone unit, I highly recommend the Sunpentown 20 bottle ThermoElectric Wine Cooler. The Sunpentown holds 2 bottles more and is very well received. Plus, it’s about $40 cheaper than the Avanti.
You can read my review on the Sunpentown here or you can go to Amazon directly here.

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