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Top 10 Wine Bottle Chiller Reviews

If you can’t afford a full size wine cooler in your kitchen or home bar, there’s a solution – a single bottle chiller which will keep your favorite beverage at the optimal temperature until it’s time to pour another serving.

With a single bottle wine chiller, you’ll still be able to enjoy a glass of perfectly chilled wine at the end of a hard day at work. The best part, though, is that you can have the chiller standing next to your glass – no more standing up each time you want a refill!

Enoluxe Wine Chiller Bucket
Enoluxe Wine ChillerIf you’re looking for an elegant wine chiller that’s perfect for both wine or champagne, the Enoluxe model will perfectly fit the bill. When you put a pre-chilled bottle of your favorite wine in this chiller bucket, it’ll stay around 10 degrees colder than if it had been simply left on the tabletop. With its 4.25 inch diameter opening, this model fits standard 750ml bottles while its clean and simple design paired with its polished finish adds class and sophistication to your dining table.

Despite its good looks and luxurious appearance, this is a much more lightweight alternative when compared to the traditional marble win cooler and it’s also sweat-less and iceless so there’ll be no condensation or drips to ruin your tablecloth.
This chiller is made from stainless steel and offers outstanding insulation while also being durable, safe and corrosion resistant. All in all, it’s the ideal choice for any modern home.


Modern Innovations Grey Marble Wine Bottle Cooler
Modern Innovations Wine ChillerIf you’re looking for a stylish, sophisticated and traditional wine cooler, this marble model from Modern Innovations is the perfect choice. Made from 100% solid marble with a beautiful shimmery grey color, this chiller naturally retains its temperature for effective cooling.

With its sleek and smooth lines, this cooler sits perfectly on your tabletop and adds style and elegance to any meal. With its smooth outer and inner surfaces, it provides durability paired with premium quality construction.
As an extra bonus, this chiller is versatile enough to be used for numerous purposes. When not in use as a wine cooler, it can also be used as a vase for displaying flowers, for storing your office supplies or even for organizing your kitchen utensils.

Thanks to its material base, this chiller won’t damage the surface of your counter or table, and its natural appearance allows it to blend in perfectly in any room of your home.


VonShef Wine Bottle Cooler Chiller
VonShef Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Cooler ChillerCombining function and style in one affordable package, the VonShef wine bottle cooler will keep your favorite wine at the ideal temperature thanks to its unique double wall insulation construction. Suitable for use with any standard sized bottle of champagne or wine, it has an elegant design with a finish of brushed stainless steel for a touch of contemporary sophistication on your table. This chiller even comes in its own beautiful gift box ready to be presented to a special someone.

Thanks to its stylish good looks, the VonShef wine cooler looks great on any dinner table and brings a restaurant-like feel to any meal. Yet it isn’t all about good looks. Not only does this chiller have a very refined design, it is highly functional and is even suitable for professional use as well as use in the home. You’ll never need to suffer another warm glass of wine again!


Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator
Vinglacé Double Walled Wine Bottle InsulatorDo you want to add a touch of the latest revolutionary design to your dining table? The Vinglace bottle insulator will keep your champagne or wine bottle cool thanks to its one-of-a-kind design. Its vacuum-insulated, double walled and stainless steel construction guarantees your cold bottle will stay cold with absolutely no condensation or drips on your tablecloth.

Available in an array of attractive colors, this easy-to-use insulator has plenty of modern, sleek appeal to add sophistication to any meal. Just unscrew its adjustable top, pop in the chilled bottle of wine and then screw its top on to enjoy your beverage at the optimal temperature. Pouring your drink is easy, even if the bottle is covered by the insulator.

Since this cooler is lightweight and simple to carry, it’s the perfect travel solution for cold champagne while out and about. Whether you’re heading to a beach picnic or an outdoor occasion, you’ll be guaranteed that your wine will retain its aroma and flavor perfectly every time with this insulator.


Family Care Wine Bottle Cooler Stick
Family Care 3-in-1 Wine Bottle Cooler Aerator and DecanterThe ideal chiller for all occasions, the Family Care cooler is the perfect choice for celebrations, parties or to give as a gift. It can even be used while traveling and for dining outdoors because it’s so incredibly small compared to “normal” wine chillers. This innovative chiller is the perfect alternative to a traditional large ice bucket or standard bulky cooler. With its handy stick design it makes it easier than ever to enjoy perfectly cold drinks at any time and in any place.

The Family Care wine chiller has a unique 3 in 1 design, combining a chiller with a stopper and aerator in one affordable gadget. Your wine won’t just be perfectly cold, it’ll also be able to oxidize and breathe for a better flavor, bouquet and finish. As an added benefit, the BPA-free stopper ensures your drink will never spill whenever you pour.

This chiller is made from durable and safe food-grade stainless steel which guarantees the pure aroma of your drink will be perfectly retained. Since it’s also simple to clean and use, there’s no easier way to enjoy your favorite beverages.


Secura Wine Cooler Bucket
Secura Double Wall Wine Cooler BucketWith its durable and strong stainless steel construction, the Secura wine cooler bucket has been designed to impress with simple yet stylish good looks. It features double wall insulation so you’re guaranteed to have no problems with condensation appearing on its outer wall, threatening to drip onto your tablecloth and create an unwanted mess on your clothes. It uses no ice at all in its design, so there’ll be no danger of pooling water under your bottle as it stands on the table – a welcome change for those who are familiar with the usual issues associated with traditional chillers.

The brushed stainless steel exterior is extremely attractive, adding a hint of sophistication to your dining table with its contemporary style yet it couldn’t be easier to use. Simply keep the cooler bucket in your freezer ready for use with your favorite bottle of wine. It’ll make you feel like you’re dining in a high-class restaurant every night.


Wine Enthusiast Double Walled Wine Bottle Chiller
Wine Enthusiast Iceless Wine Bottle ChillerWhen you want a wine bottle chiller that requires no ice, the Wine Enthusiast Double Walled chiller is the ideal solution. Your wine will stay at the perfect temperature without any worries about drips and melting ice thanks to the thermal insulated design. You’ll never need a traditional ice bucket again.

Simply put your chilled bottle of wine into this bucket and your beverage will stay at the perfect temperature for three hours. You’ll never need to freeze the chiller beforehand, and messy condensation will be a worry of the past.

This cooler is made from clear acrylic, and since it’s BPA-free you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your health won’t be harmed as you drink your cool wine. As an added benefit, the transparency of this cooler means you can read the label of your chosen bottle with no need to take it out of the bucket.

Thanks to its minimalistic look, this chiller looks perfect on your table at any casual or formal event. Its stainless steel accented rim blends perfectly with your home décor while its convenient size means it can be used with virtually any bottle of white or red wine or champagne.


Vacu Vin Active Wine Cooler (Set of 2)
Vacu Vin Active Wine CoolerAre you looking for an affordable, simple solution for keeping your bottles of wine cold at your next outdoor event or party? The Vacu Vin Active wine cooler set is the perfect solution. These bottle sleeves are super simple to use and eliminate all the inconvenience of the traditional ice bucket chiller which can result in messy drips on your table. Since you also get two sleeves for the price of one, this is also a great value set.

These sleeves chill your drinks at lightning speed and keep them cold for much longer. Thanks to their innovative design, they fit all standard-sized wine bottles and when not in use they can be conveniently folded down to store in your drawers without taking up excess room in your kitchen.

After just five minutes, your wine bottle will be cold and will stay cold for 6 hours. Despite this amazing functionality, it won’t sweat and there’ll be no water pooling beneath making this a good choice for your next BBQ, cookout or lanai party. As an added bonus, these sleeves can even be used as ice packs in an emergency!


Oggi Wine Cooler with Freezer Inserts
Oggi Wine CoolerFor a wine cooler with a truly contemporary finish and an innovative design, the Oggi wine cooler with freezer inserts is sure to look fantastic on any table. Its durable stainless steel construction and two-tone satin and mirror finish adds a world of sophisticated elegance to any meal while its freezer inserts ensure that your wine remains at the optimal temperature for serving with absolutely no condensation or drips on the bottle or on your tablecloth to spoil your dining experience.

It couldn’t be easier to use this chiller. Simply take out the freezer inserts and black centrepiece, put the inserts into your refrigerator or freezer and allow to cool to the desired temperature. Remove then replace in your wine chiller ready for use. Put the centrepiece back into the chiller, insert your bottle of wine and you’ll be ready to pour perfectly chilled glasses of your favorite tipple in minutes.


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