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The Best 7 Wine Racks (and Cabinets)

Perhaps you don’t have a wine cooler, but you have wine! It could also be that you have a wine cooler, but it’s hidden away in your basement or garage because it serves a more practical purpose. Whatever the reason, I haven’t forgotten those of you who would prefer to have a wine rack or cabinet in your home.

With this in mind, I have come up with a few of these items of furniture so you can not only proudly display your collection of wine, but also add a certain something to the décor you already have. This type of “wine storing” option is also great if you don’t currently have money in your budget for a fully-fledged cooler.

Pretty as a Picture

Pampered Grape Wine RackIf you’re looking for a wine rack that’s contemporary, holds up to 9 bottles of standard sized wine and is as easy to put up as a picture I think this wine rack is for you! The Pampered Grape Iron Wall Mount Wine Rack is made from heavy duty metal and comes in a powder coat finish.

What I love about this rack isn’t just that its space saving, but it comes ready assembled which is a God send in my book! It’s also designed so your bottles of wine are there for all to see. No need for any handling when guests want to take a look at the label on your latest addition! Plus, you get a 100% money back guarantee!

If you’re looking for an elegant way to display your wines without taking up much needed floor space, I think this unit is worth closer inspection.

Want Something a Little Different?

Kamenstein Butterfly WineRackI know that adding a piece of furniture to your décor needs some thought. So, for those of you who have a slightly shall we say, different approach to interior design I’ve included the Kamenstein butterfly wine rack which is capable of holding 8 bottles of wine.

What’s nice about the design isn’t just the shape, but also the fact that you can place that special (and somewhat larger) bottle of Champagne on the top slot.

For people who are budding wine cellar “enthusiasts” this rack is perfect because it stores your wines horizontally meaning the corks will always be moist. It’s also the perfect size to fit on a countertop or table so your precious collection will always be seen! You do have to assemble the wine rack, but it only comes in 4 pieces so it’s not difficult to do. Personally, for the price I think this unit is the perfect way to show-off your wines whilst making sure they don’t spoil.

If You Have a Large Collection with Little Space

Pampered Grape Wine RackI know this wine rack comes third on my list, but that’s probably because it’s priced higher than the two above. However, you don’t have to buy the J.K. Adams Ash Wood Wine Rack this big (for 40 bottles of wine), you can also get it in smaller modules. And get this! You’re not limited to assembling it into a standard shape. For instance, if you have wasted space under stairs it’s possible to create a shape that will fit. Think diamond, square or just let your imagination go wild! Although, do bear in mind you may reduce the capacity when opting for different shapes.

The rack comes in a natural finish and is made of hardwood so it will fit into most decors. Plus, it’s handcrafted in the good ol’ USA. If you’re wine collection is growing by the week, and want to keep them looking neat and tidy, this rack is (in my humble opinion) worth a look.

Love Classical – Love This!

Mango Steam 32 Bottle Wine RackI want you to think of those cozy little Bistros’ with low lights and intimate tables where you can have a candlelit dinner for two when you see the Mango Steam 32 bottle wine rack with glass table top. Well, that’s what it made me think about anyway.
For me, this wine rack is a classic design with its diamond shaped slots, and sleek glass top.

With steel construction that’s finished off in a black powder coat, this rack won’t look out of place in many a dining room or bar area. It’s sturdy, easy to assemble and makes life much easier for your guests to choose which delicious Merlot they would like to try next.
It also comes with floor levelers which help with stability so your wines are properly stored. You can also keep it on a countertop so you don’t have to exert too much energy when you’re ready to cork another bottle!

Store As Many Bottles As You Like

Stackable Bamboo Wine RackI’ve chosen this particular wine rack because I think it’s a great option if you have a few small spaces around your home. These spaces can be difficult to fill with every-day furniture items, so what could be better than to use the Oceanstar 18-Bottle Stackable Bamboo Wine Rack!
The description does state 18 bottles, but each “wave” bar holds 9 and you get two in the set (obviously)!

What’s great about this wine rack isn’t just that you can have some fun with the way you stack it, but it’s made of Bamboo so it looks really stylish as well. Not only does the wavy design help to keep your wines in position, they have a certain shall we say, professional yet fun look about them as well. Oh, and don’t think you’ll need to get the tool box out because there is no need for any tools when you assemble the rack (another great plus for me)!

Understated Elegance

OenophiliaBali BaliIf you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but do want a wine rack that catches the eye, I think the Oenophilia Bali Wine Rack which holds 12 bottles is a great buy.
Sure, it won’t look like you’ve spent hundreds of dollars but the manufacturer has thought about design. It’s made of wood and has been finished in an ebony color however, what attracted me to it most is the elegant wavy construction.

I personally think this rack will look just great on any kitchen countertop or even a large dining table, so you always have your favorite wines to hand. Do bear in mind though that you can only store standard bottles of wine on the lower racks. The top rack will however, easily store 1.5 liter bottles so you can show-off that treasured bottle of Champagne. If you’re looking for a wine rack that’s functional yet adds a sense of exotic design to your décor, I think this one is definitely worth considering!

Store All Your Wine Needs in One Place!

Winsome Wine CabinetSo far, I’ve center on wine racks however I suddenly thought some of you may be looking for something that offers a little bit extra. This is why I’ve included the Winsome Wood Wine Cabinet with Glass Door.
OK, so you will be spending a little extra but with the ability to hold 16 bottles of your favorite whites or every-day reds, up to 12 long-stem glasses AND all your wine accessories, I just couldn’t resist including this wine cabinet.

It’s made of solid/composite wood for sturdiness and has been finished in an espresso color which will add a touch of “expensive” class to your décor. In fact, it looks much pricier than it actually is. Plus, with the addition of a glass door you can forget about dusting off those bottles of wine (if they’re around for that long)!
If you’re worried about assembly, don’t because this cabinet will be ready to use before you’ve managed to finish that glass of Chardonnay!

Found Something to Your Fancy?..

So there you have it! My selection of wine racks with a cabinet thrown in for good measure. Hopefully you’ll find something to “wet your palate”. If you do, all the wine storing options above (and more) can be found at my favorite retailer . You’ll be surprised at some of the discounts they often have on offer!

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