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Danby DWC1233BL-SC 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

New to Storing Wine? Check out the Danby…

I have to be honest; this isn’t going to be one of the strongest reviews we have to offer on our website. However the Danby DWC1233BL-SC 12 bottle wine cooler is worth a mention. As you no doubt know by looking around some of the other models I’ve talked about (if you haven’t already, I hope you do), I spend a lot of time researching both wines and the coolers they can be stored in.

This particular model does have quite a bit going for it and below are some of the main points you should know:

  • It will happily house up to 12 standard bottles of wines (of course)!
  • There are 3 shelves, two of which can be removed if you have larger bottles to store.
  • The temperature range can be anything from 50 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it ideal for most whites and plenty of red wines.
  • The cooling system is a semi-conductor which means there are less moving parts than some other models.
  • It’s small enough to sit on your countertop.

So, let’s elaborate a little:

Danby DWC1233BL-SC 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

Danby DWC1233BL-SC 12 Bottle Wine Cooler
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This is actually a very smart looking cooler with the name “Maitre’D” stamped underneath the control panel at the top. The cabinet is all black with a clear glass door. The handle is recessed so you don’t have to worry about getting your sleeve caught on it every-time you walk past.

Some of you may be thinking that all black might look a little dark and Danby has thought about this. The interior can be lit up with a soft blue LED light which actually compliments the overall look very nicely (especially when there is no other lighting in the room).

The Interior
As mentioned you can make use of the interior light and I have already told you there are three sets of shelves. These are silver in color, and the design is such that they will cradle your wines so if your unit is bashed for some reason, it won’t disturb the precious liquid inside.

Two of the shelves can be removed if you need to store bottles of wine vertically as oppose too horizontally but, I don’t recommend using this option unless you tend to have a high turnover of wine (or if you have an open bottle of wine).

Noise Levels
Now, this is always a “bone of contention”. Some people may think this wine cooler is noisy and others won’t. What you have to remember is the cooling system isn’t compressor based so it will be quieter than some other models on the market.

I personally think (after much research) that this particular wine cooler is the perfect answer for anyone who likes to drink their wines rather than collect, and wants them chilled to perfection so you get the best out of it. It’s a very simple design with no “bells and whistles” but after all, who needs lots of fancy buttons and settings if you’re just using it for every-day bottles of wines that will eventually be empty!

The price reflects what you get, so for all you beginner collectors’ out there or for those of you that just want something that will adequately chill your wine and free up space in your fridge, the Danby is definitely worth considering.
The last time I checked it was for sale on Amazon for less than $100 (a bargain if you ask me). You can check the current price righ HERE at Amazon

If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth then perhaps you might like to take a look at a couple of the other reviews. The Haier HVTM12DABB 12-Bottle Dual Zone for example will cost you more but has more versatility in terms of temperature choice and will work well for people who are ready to start collecting.

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