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EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

If you want an integrated wine cooler that can house a decent sized collection of wines, this model will do very nicely.

So, on one of my recent free weekends I was off on a wine tour. What can I say, some people like to take a walk in the park, do lunch with friends or just chill out at the weekend but I prefer to do as much as I can to educate myself further on my hobby, and that’s wine!

On this particular weekend I had friends over from out of town who also happen to be interested in wine, so that’s the reason we decided to go. I had been on this tour before, but I always seem to find something new and interesting to discover.

During this visit, I came across the EdgeStar built-in 30 bottle wine cooler (not to mention a few new wines I hadn’t seen before). What struck me about this cooler is how professional it looked, yet I could see it proudly sitting in anyone’s home.

So, just for you, here’s a little review on what I learned about it:

Edgestar Built-In 30 Bottle Wine Cooler

EdgeStar Built-In 30 Bottle Wine Cooler
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Rustic, Stylish Look
Considering this cooler will hold 30 bottles it’s actually pretty compact in size (another reason I could see it fitting into the home). The overall cabinet and front trim to the door is black however, the shelves inside are finished in wood at the front which is what gives it that sense of rusticity. It kind of brings to mind the vineyards where the bottles housed inside began life.

The door is glass (of course), but tempered and double paned. It also has black dot door tinting which gives extra protection to the wines within from harmful elements such as UV rays. In addition, the handle reaches from the top to the bottom and the door itself is reversible.

Unique Features
Just going back to how wine should not only be chilled correctly but protected from anything that can make it go bad, it’s worth noting this cooler is fitted with a carbon filter. If you don’t already know (and I didn’t), your wines can go bad as a result of being penetrated by odors so EdgeStar has cleverly incorporated this filter to stop that from happening.

If needed, this cooler is also fitted with an auto-defrost function and because it ventilates the air from the front it can easily be stored under a countertop or installed into a pre-prepared cabinet area.

The Not So Good
As usual noise level seems to be one of the biggest complaints but I have to say, I hardly noticed it when I was in the cellar my friends and I visited. Perhaps that’s because it was in a commercial environment. However, not everyone finds this a problem so, as with many complaints like this, it is down to personal choice. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information on the actual noise levels but I can tell you that EdgeStar has installed rubber bushing which helps absorb noise and vibration from the compressor.

Another slight complaint I came across is how tightly packed the wine bottles can be when you’re using it at full capacity and, if you have larger than standard bottles of wine, you will lose space.

If you want a wine cooler that will house a decent sized collection of wines whether you want them to drink or collect, this model will do very nicely. Personally, I think its main attraction is the looks and the fact that the manufacturer has gone one step further to protect your wines from the elements.

I like to buy from Amazon because the return policy is excellent (which I don’t think you will need for this one) and 99 out of 100 times they simply are the cheapest merchant. You can find the Edgestar right HERE on Amazon (there are only three left in stock at the time of writing, so you may want to act fast).

If you don’t necessarily need the wine cooler to be built-in, you may want to consider the Newair 28 bottle wine cooler. It’s an excellent choice at about half the price of the Edgestar (and I’m still very happy with mine!).

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