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5 Ideas to Incorporate a Wine Cooler in your Home Bar

Are you keen to incorporate a wine cooler into your home bar? If you want your home to be the party hotspot of your neighborhood and the envy of your friends, installing a wine cooler is the perfect way to achieve your goal, but it isn’t always easy to work out how you’re going to fit it into your home.

A wine cooler can certainly be a stylish addition to any home bar, but it does mean taking up precious space, whether on the floor, under a counter or on the countertop, so it’s important to think about the best way for you to integrate your unit into your own unique room.

With this in mind, here are some top ideas about how you can incorporate your new wine cooler into your existing space.

1.The Undercounter Model
under counter wine coolerIf you’re looking for a practical solution which won’t take up space on your countertops, an undercounter wine cooler could be the answer. Fitting into a small space, these units keep your wine to hand whenever you’re serving your guests, and you’ll still have sufficient space on your counter for all your appliances and essentials.

2.The In-Built Model
built-in wine coolerIf you have sufficient available space in your home bar, an in-built wine cooler in the size of your choice could be the ideal solution to your bottle storage dilemmas. These coolers fit seamlessly into your existing cabinetry, making them a streamlined option for a sleek and modern space. With built-in coolers coming in a range of sizes, you’re sure to find one that can be incorporated perfectly into your room’s design.

3.The Countertop Unit
countertop wine coolerDo you want all the benefits of a wine cooler in your home bar but don’t want the hassle of having to install a built-in model? A countertop unit could suit your needs perfectly. As long as you have sufficient room on your counters, you can choose one of the latest thermoelectric cooling units which keep your favorite wines at the optimal temperature and within easy reach for serving. There are several sizes of countertop unit on the market, so if you only have a very small space for your home bar, you can choose one of the small 6 bottle models available for sale which can sit easily in a small corner or alcove without taking up valuable work space.

4.The Freestanding Unit
freestanding wine coolerAre you lucky enough to have a large area of your home dedicated to entertainment and for use as your own bar? If so, you could choose one of the latest freestanding wine coolers. Whether you choose a slimline model which can tuck alongside the edge of a cabinet, a full size model which can hold enough bottles for the biggest celebration or even an extra height or double width unit which can hold over a hundred bottles, a freestanding unit can add a touch of contemporary elegance to your home bar.

5.Replacing Existing Fittings
Do you have a home bar with absolutely no space in it whatsoever to accommodate your wine cooler? Never fear, there’s always a solution if you look hard enough for one.

Take a look around your bar and see if there’s anything that surplus to requirements. Do you have some spare shelving which you could get rid of? What about an existing cabinet which doesn’t really get used too often? Perhaps you have a spare corner or alcove which you could make use of?

You may need to get creative when it comes to fitting your wine cooler into your home bar. Consider using some of your existing furniture as a smart wine cooler storage solution. You may well be able to incorporate your cooler in your island or side table and you may even find some unused nooks in between other pieces of furniture which can be put to good use for wine cooling.

Tips For Installing Your Wine Cooler In Your Home Bar
There are a few things you need to keep in your mind when it comes to installing your wine cooler in your home bar. Once you’ve chosen a location there are a few factors to consider:

  • Temperature – if your cooler is close to a source of heat it will need to work overtime which could shorten its lifespan or affect its interior temperature.
  • Light – even though most wine coolers have a glass door which is designed to protect the contents from UV rays, you should still place your model out of direct sunlight.
  • Ventilation – no wine cooler can work properly without adequate space behind and above it as well as on each side. Don’t squeeze your cooler into a space.
  • Doors – which way do the cooler doors open and how do they open? You need to be able to swing the door open freely in order to fully slide out racks and shelves.
  • Power – your cooler is going to need to be plugged in, so make sure that you choose a space close to a power outlet or have one installed before investing in your new model. Using an extension cord is never advised.

Follow these top tips and you’ll find that it might be easier than you imagined to fit that perfect wine cooler into your home bar. As long as you choose the right space and the right model for you, you’ll soon be enjoying the stylish elegance that a wine cooler can bring to your home, and you’ll also be enjoying your first glass of perfectly chilled wine right from your own cooler!

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