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Ivation 18-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

Close to Perfection

Is there such a thing as a perfect wine cooler?
I believe there is.

In fact, I even believe that I have actually been lucky enough to encounter more than one of these perfect wine coolers in the duration of my humble, wine loving existence. And one of them, I am happy to report, is the Ivation 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Cooler.

So why would I make such a daring statement? Well, the simple reason is that I have reviewed near perfection (or, in this case, near perfection) before: right here with the Ivation Red and White Countertop Wine Cooler.

Ivation 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Ivation 18-Bottle Dual Zone
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Compared to Sister Cooler
If you go through that review, you will note that I also questioned if that unit was one of the most perfect wine coolers I had ever found, and the one downside I managed to discover with that Ivation unit was the fact that it had a somewhat limited temperature range, one which was suitable mainly for red wines and not for most white wines.

So how do you turn an almost perfect wine cooler into a perfect wine cooler? Improve the one flaw that was discovered. And what is an excellent way to do that? Well, to change the single zone cooling system into a dual zone cooling system, of course. This allows you to use one wine cooler to store different types of wine at different temperatures while maintaining temperature consistency.

It would not have been enough simply to extend the limited temperature range of the single zone Ivation. A single temperature would not allow you to store chilled whites and warmer reds in the same fridge. The solution for this, then, is the dual zone cooling function. This allows you to store whites and reds together in the same fridge at their vastly different ideal temperatures while maintaining proper humidity and consistent temperatures, so the different wines can age and settle properly in their respective ideal conditions.

Dual Zone
The dual zone feature is executed perfectly. An airtight, insulated divider separates the upper compartment from the lower compartment (once the door is closed, the divider, coupled with insulating material on the door, forms a tight seal to preserve a consistent temperature in each of the zones).

The upper zone provides you with a temperature range of 46 to 64 degrees F, while the lower zone offers you a temperature selection between 54 degrees and 64 degrees F. This makes the upper zone ideal for storing white wines and the lower zone the perfect place to store red wines.

These different types of wines can now happily coexist in the same wine cooler, safely stored in their optimal environments to preserve taste and encourage proper aging and settling.

But that’s not all. The cooling system is based not on a compressor but on thermoelectric cooling technology, which eliminates vibrations and makes the level of noise close to negligible. So there will be almost no noise at all (really! You can barely notice it; it’s so quiet), and the sediments in your wine collection will not be disturbed by any vibrations.

This wine cooler holds up to 18 standard bottles of wine, with 4 removable chrome shelves that can be pulled out to accommodate larger or nonstandard bottles of wine, as well as wine which you want to store standing upright.

The temperature in each zone is controlled by a digital touchscreen thermostat panel near the top of the glass door. It is seamlessly integrated into the glass, creating a sleek, modernistic look. The LED lighting which highlights the interior and allows your wine collection to be more fully admired is also controlled from this touchscreen panel.

Speaking of the door, it is constructed with Thermopane tempered smoked glass, which not only insulates the wine bottles and shields them from UV light but also looks amazing, frankly. The consistency of the temperature and the humidity (essential for storing and aging wine properly) are also maintained by the Solid polyurethane heavy foam used to insulate the cabinet.

In fact, what can I say? The entire wine cooler is simply stunning, with a sleek all black exterior complimented by the smoked glass door (complete with recessed handle).

In my opinion, this model is perfect. It pairs a stunning exterior with a highly functional and perfectly executed interior. The airtight seal between the two zones is key to maintaining the perfect and consistent temperature and humidity for each zone. And this tight seal, along with the superior insulation, is the key to keeping your wine tasting its best, whether it is red or white.

When I combine this level of functional perfection with the stunningly sleek and elegant style of this wine cooler, I consider perfection to have been achieved. But if I were to nitpick about one matter, it would be this: the top zone (for white wine) holds fewer bottles (up to 6) than the bottom zone for red wine (up to 12). But I’m really splitting hairs here.

If this sounds like the perfect wine cooler for you, do not hesitate and pick it up here at

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