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Ivation Red and White Countertop Wine Cooler Review
Most Silent 18-Bottle Wine Chiller

So quiet you will almost forget it’s there

Over the past few years I’ve gotten myself in pretty good with my local winemakers and wine cellar owners. Trust me when I tell you that I’ve used those connections to my advantage. That being said, I think some of these people may be getting tired of my endless questions. “What type of cooler is best for this wine?” “What do you recommend for a beginner?” It goes on and on like this every time I walk into one of their establishments.

All those questions have come to be quite useful, however, in the creation of this website, and I am proud to say that I can use it all to help you out. In a recent survey of my many contacts, I quickly came to the conclusion that this cooler is the quietest, at least among those in the 18-20 bottle range. Want to impress everyone at your next dinner party? Just ask them to close their eyes and be very quiet, then ask them to try to find your new wine cooler.

Ivation Thermoelectric Countertop Wine Chiller

Ivation 18-Bottle Wine Cooler
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What makes it so much quieter than the rest? You can thank its high-tech thermoelectric cooling system. This system uses absolutely no compressor, which means that it makes considerably less noise than any traditional cooling system. What’s more, though, is that this lack of sound is the result of a lack of vibration inside the cooler. Why does that matter? As I have said many times before, wine is very finicky. It has quite a particular set of circumstances under which it creates the best flavors for your palette, and one of these is that it likes to sit still – very, very still. The lack of vibration in this cooler allows it to do just that, even more so than other coolers.

Other Fancy Features

The ultra-quiet, no-vibration cooling system isn’t the only thing this cooler can brag about. In fact, the list of praiseworthy qualities this thing has could allow you to get through even the most awkward dinner party without batting an eye – you could seriously talk about this thing all night long.

First, you could start by talking about its humidity control. Because, what’s a great wine cooler without humidity control? The ability to keep things at exactly the right level of humidity allows you to keep your wine even more perfect than the day it was corked. After all, a good red wine is always a little aged, is it not? However, you don’t want it to breathe and breathe the entire time it’s in there; therefore it’s important to keep the cork moist enough that too much air won’t find its way into the bottle. And how does one keep a cork from drying out? By controlling the humidity level, of course!

Another thing you could chat your guests’ ears off about is the tinted glass door. Not only does it offer a nice, elegant appearance, it also protects the wine from harmful UV rays which would, otherwise, threaten its stability and flavor. Yes, sunlight does affect your wine and can do terrible things to it if there’s too much contact. Why else would people have stored wine in cellars for so long?

You would only have to open the door of this fridge to continue to impress your guests (and keep them busy). As you open the door, the soft interior lighting clicks on and gently illuminates each and every bottle, casting a dim glow throughout the entire cooler. This will allow you to easily find and select your favorite bottle, just as much as the slide-out wire shelves do. If you open the door and find that the temperature isn’t quite right, you can verify with the easy-to-read digital LCD display. You can also use the touch screen to adjust the temperature to where you like it best.


I looked hard to find downsides for this cooler. I wanted to know if this could possibly be one of the most perfect single-zone coolers I had ever found, or if I was just imagining things. It turns out that it’s a little bit of both. You should be aware of the one downside I did find for this unit – its temperature range. Since I do enjoy a nice, crisp white wine or a sweet, succulent dessert wine from time to time, I was disappointed to see that those who enjoy these wines often would not be able to make use of this cooler. Its range, from 54 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit makes it perfect for red wine lovers, but not for those who enjoy white and dessert wines.

When I think about it, though, you probably wouldn’t buy an 18-bottle single-zone wine cooler if you weren’t serious about your wine. If you are quite serious about it, chances are that you will probably have more than one cooler in your home. If that’s the case, this one is perfect for your reds. You can pick it up here on if you are indeed looking for a red wine cooler (or prefer your whites around 54 – 56 degrees).

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