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Kalamera 30-Bottle Built-In/Freestanding Cooler
Best Single Zone 15-Inch Built-In Wine Cooler

A great addition to any bar or kitchen

This compact wine cooler’s ability to slide under a countertop and between cupboards (or even other appliances) makes it perfect for any kitchen or bar space. Its air circulation and traditional compressor-style cooling system is what best allows you to fit it into those types of spaces.

Some wine coolers (actually, quite a few these days) feature thermoelectric cooling systems that limit where they can be placed. It’s important to keep this in mind as you go about your search. I have a friend who once made that mistake in one of her own purchases. She bought a thermoelectric unit thinking it would be okay to place under her countertop. She didn’t like the unfinished sides of some of the traditional built-in units and, knowing she may one day want to allow it to sit on its own, opted for the finished look of a thermoelectric cooler. Luckily, she discovered her error before the system overheated and malfunctioned. She was able to return her cooler and get something made specifically to be built into a kitchen or bar area.

Kalamera 15-Inch Wine Cooler 30-Bottle

Kalamera 30-Bottle Built-In or Freestanding
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What I like most about this unit is that it is extremely flexible in terms of where you place it. Unlike some of the other built-in units, it features a finished top and sides. This means that if, like my friend, you ever decide that you want to make this a freestanding unit (and maybe gain some extra cupboard space in your kitchen or bar) you can slide it out and set it anywhere you like without it sticking out like a sore thumb.

One look at this cooler tells you that it is perfect for any contemporary space. It will nicely match with other stainless steel appliances. I will let its overall appearance speak for itself through the picture I will add to this page, though, since I would rather spend our time together discussing its various features. After all, there is much more to this cooler than simply its ability to be used as a built-in or freestanding unit!

Incredible Circulation

Some people have worries about compressor-based cooling systems. Perhaps you are one of those people. Maybe you’ve had a refrigerator which barely kept your milk warm but froze your eggs solid, simply because of where they were placed. This is a common complaint among people who have used older compression-based wine coolers. They found that the temperature was not stable throughout the entire fridge and that some bottles were much cooler than others. Since wine can be very temperamental and requires a steady temperature, this can be a major problem with these systems.

Don’t worry, though, because this particular cooler takes care of that problem! It features a very strong air circulation fan which ensures that the cool air is spread evenly throughout the entire unit. It also features slatted wood shelves which allow the air to move through them effortlessly (much better than any solid shelf ever could). I want to take a moment to tell you that the beech wood used for these shelves is another benefit, because it will not scratch your bottles as you slide them out.

What else Makes it Memorable?

There are so many great aspects to this cooler that it’s pretty difficult to know which I should prioritize here. I’m sure different people have different needs, desires, and things that impress them. For me, the great circulation was a huge selling point for this cooler, since I know the difficulties of working with a compressor-based cooling system.

However, equally impressive to many of you will be this cooler’s digital control panel, touch buttons, and LCD display. You may also be very impressed with its memory function – this cooler will remember your temperature setting if the power goes out and automatically set it back to where it was. This is great if the power goes out while you’re away at work or on vacation. You’ll return home to perfectly chilled wine, despite the power failure.

With a temperature range of 40 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 66 degrees, many of you will be happy to know that this cooler can accommodate anything from dessert wine to red white (with the medium temperatures required by white wine). Dessert wine lovers face a difficult task, since many coolers do not get cold enough to properly chill their beverages.

You can place up to five bottles on each shelf of this cooler, despite the fact that it is less than 15 inches wide! A lot of coolers are set up with shelves which will accommodate bottles only one way – lying neck to neck. On these shelves, however, you can flip some bottles around so they are neck to bottom, squeezing more bottles into less space with adequate ventilation room to spare.


Impressed yet? You should be. Honestly, if you aren’t I am not sure what could impress you. Not only is this a sleek and stylish unit to look at, but it’s also a cooler built to impress in terms of functionality and ease of use.
If all this doesn’t convince you, just check out this unit on and see the raving customers reviews (and the more than fair list price).

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