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Koldfront Freestanding Wine Cooler Review
Best 18-Bottle Dual Zone Cooler

Pure class and sophistication

Look, I am a fan of futuristic interior design styles. I like my stuff curvy, boldly colored, and almost shocking to the eye. Therefore, I may not be the best person to present you with this beautiful and classy cooler, but I know someone who is – my sister-in-law. Now, I can’t bring her here to type this entire page out for me (she’s a very busy person), but I can do my best to channel her character as I work my way through this page for you.

She keeps a very clean, contemporary home. Gleaming hardwood works its way throughout each room of her home, and travertine tile delicately encapsulates the lower cabinetry of her kitchen. Unlike me, she knows exactly how to stage a room so that you feel as though you’ve walked directly into the pages of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

Why do I mention all of this? Because I know you need someone with that kind of taste and design ability to show you just how magnificent this cooler is, aesthetically.

Koldfront 18-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Koldfront 18-Bottle Freestanding Dual Zone
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But, seriously, it just takes one look at this thing to know that it is meant to live in a home rich with wooden accents and plush textures. I mean, its shelves are made from slats of hardwood, its glass door is elegantly surrounded by a stainless steel frame, and it features a long, cylindrical handle from the top straight to the bottom.

If you want to impress your friends, this is the one to buy. I will tell you, though, that it isn’t just because it’s beautiful. Let’s go ahead and take a look at all the other reasons why this is an impressive cooler.

What Makes it the Best?

I’m sure you’re wondering what makes this what I’ve deemed the “Best 18-Bottle Wine Cooler”. Of course, that’s a very logical question for you to have. Obviously, the very appearance of this cooler speak volumes. Seriously, I just can’t get over how nice it looks. I’m honestly thinking of veering away from my personal eclectic style and moving toward something a little more sophisticated in my bar area, just so I can accommodate something like this.

But what else? There are many other reasons I’ve selected this as the best. Anyone can make something look beautiful, but an appliance like this needs to work well, too.

I especially like that there is only one door, but there are still two separate temperature zones. A divider on the door acts as a gasket between the two zones, keeping one temperature steady in one section while also maintaining the temperature in the other. This means that the front of the unit will look seamless but you will still have full control over the whole system.

You won’t have to worry about the two temperatures mingling and messing up the whole thing. Let me tell you, I’ve been in many cars which claim to have different temperature settings for the front seats and back seats. I quickly found that, without a divider between these two sections, the entire car ends up being the same temperature. No one wants that for their wine!

An LCD Display with Easy Controls

The LCD display panel and soft touch buttons on the front of this cooler allow you to select the perfect temperature for both sections, whether it’s housing reds, whites, or dessert wines. And you can control it all without opening the door and interrupting the temperature at all.

Quiet and Non-Disruptive

The super quiet (nearly silent) thermoelectric cooling system keeps the internal temperature perfect for your wine without making a whole ton of noise. If you ask me, there are few things more annoying during a quiet evening than the sound of a refrigerator or cooler kicking in. I’ve been in the midst of such a quiet evening before and found myself so startled by the sound of a different cooler than I spilled my wine all over the book I was reading! That won’t be a problem with this one, though, since it runs so quietly.

So it won’t disrupt your evening, but what about the quality of your wine? Anyone who is picky about their wine knows that vibrations can disrupt it. It’s always good to let your wine sit uninterrupted for long periods of time as it chills. This system, unlike some traditional cooling systems, will not make even the slightest vibration as it does its job. That means that your wine will be just as perfect as if you’d allowed it to sit in a cool, basement cellar.

The Final Word

Great. No, perfect. If I had to pick a final word for this cooler that word would be “perfect”. Now, everyone has a different definition of what perfect is, but for me, according to my preferences and the overall look and feel of this cooler, the word perfect is exactly what is called for.
If you agree with me, you can head over here on and drop this cooler in your cart. A solid choice.

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