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Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar Review

Reds, Whites, Champagnes – Store Them All in One Place!

If you’ve landed on this page of our website, you’re more than likely doing some research on wine coolers. Let me guess. You’re after something that has a decent amount of capacity, is quiet (which seems to be top of everyone’s list), isn’t too pricey and will adequately cool pretty much any type of wine you have.

It seems like a tall order doesn’t it? Well, I found the answer when I had a dinner and a movie the other night. Of course, I didn’t come across this cellar in the movie theater; I spotted it in the restaurant.

Koolatron Dual Zone Wine Cellar

Koolatron Dual Zone Wine Cellar
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It was sat snugly next to the bar and what attracted me to it was the understated style and really nice looking blue LED light which illuminated everything inside.

To my surprise, it had two separate cabinets, and the lower cabinet had what appeared to be a basket located right at the bottom.

This intrigued me so I asked the waiter what model it was. He puffed his chest out (later, I found out he was in fact the owner of the restaurant) and told me it was his new Koolatron Dual Zone Wine Cellar (a WC29 to be precise, as I found out later). I thanked him for the information and told him that it complimented the restaurant’s décor really well.

Later when I was at home, I decided to take a closer look at this cooler and turned to the all knowing internet, just like you are now. Here’s my review on what I found…

I have to say that this is one of the most versatile wine cellars I have come across so far.
Sure, it has all of the features many other manufacturers offer such as:

  • Compressor based cooling
  • Dual zone cooling (hence two cabinets)
  • LED control display which can be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius.
  • Interior light both for affect and so you can see what’s inside (as mentioned).
  • Adjustable leveling feet so you can store your wines at just the right angle.

However, the main feature that really got me excited about this model is the versatility in terms of what types of wines you can store.

In the top compartment you have enough room to fit 10 bottles of wine, and in the bottom compartment you have the ability to store up to 19 bottles. The shelves are removable as is the basket at the bottom. There are two shelves at the top and 3 racks at the bottom as well as the basket.

You may think I’m mentioning the word “basket” a bit too much, but this is the first dual zone cooler I’ve come across that has this option. Although you have to store all your bottles horizontally, this part of the cellar gives you the option to store unusually sized bottles such as Champagne, larger sizes or bottles that have an “out of the box” shape.
For me, this was the best feature, and for the money (which isn’t extortionate considering the number of bottles you can store) I think this cellar is the perfect answer for anyone who has an interest in collecting or drinking all sorts of wines that should be chilled to perfection.

As with everything there were a couple of negatives I came across but I think these are purely down to personal taste:

  • Because this cellar has a compressor based cooling system you may notice more noise with the fan.
  • The interior light has been considered by some to be too bright but then again, it can be switched off.

All in all, I think if you’re looking for a cellar that will keep all sorts of wines in tip-top condition, the Koolatron is probably the best option. Currently it’s selling for around $375 at Amazon, right here: Koolatron Dual Zone Wine Cellar – WC29

If you don’t need dual zone cooling, you may want to check my review on this 32 Bottle Wine Cooler, it’s pretty good.

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