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NewAir 116-Bottle Premier Gold Series Review
Best Large Built-In Wine Cooler

Pure class and all the quality that goes along with it

Just one look at this wine cooler will tell you that you are looking at something built for the kitchen of the Queen (though I’m not entirely certain the Queen would ever walk in the kitchen to see it; I have no idea how things work there). If the soft glow of the warm interior lighting doesn’t make it feel classy enough, perhaps the wooden shelves will. If that’s not enough for you, you may be wooed by the fancy control panel and all of its wonderful abilities. Perhaps you are more into the functional aspects of a wine cooler and will be taken aback by its two cooling zones or its strong sliding shelves.

OK, OK – I can’t just keep going on and on like this. I’m going to have to delve into some details here, so let’s get on with the show.

NewAir AWR-1160DB Premier Gold Series Wine Cooler

NewAir AWR-1160DB Premier Gold 116-Bottle
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Dual Zone Cooling

Two zones means two different temperatures. Whether you prefer white or red or even dessert wine, you will be able to set this cooler’s internal temperature at just the right level to meet your needs. Both zones, the top and the bottom, have a full temperature range of 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. I especially like this wide range of temperature options, because I often see small ranges which limit the types of wine which can be placed in either area.

Dessert wines should be stored in cooler temperatures (around 40 degrees), red wines should be stored at higher temperatures (nearing the 66 degree mark), and whites should be stored somewhere in the middle. I like that no matter which type of wine you prefer you can set this cooler to match its needs. You can have white on the bottom and red on the top, red on the bottom and dessert on the top, all red, all white, all dessert – whatever you want.

Two Control Panels

Instead of trying to control the temperature of both zones with one set of buttons and having to switch between functions to do so, you can use separate buttons to control each area, which essentially creates two control panel systems. I have accidentally set the right temperature for the wrong zone in other coolers that do not have these separate buttons, so I understand the importance of this feature. I’m not a stupid person – I was just distracted at the time – so I know that this can happen to any of us.

That isn’t all there is to the two-in-one control panel, though. It also has a button which will allow you to turn the light on and off (why anyone would ever want to turn it off is beyond me – it casts such a beautiful golden glow). There is also a button which will allow you to switch the temperature readouts to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit or back again, depending on which system of measurement you prefer.

Speaking of the temperature readouts, I want to point out something unique about this cooler. Other coolers have readouts which tell you the current temperature and then switch to showing you the set temperature if you start pressing buttons. Still others do not show you the actual temperature at all; opting only to show you the set temperature. This display has four areas where you can read the temperature. One shows you the set temperature in the left zone and one shows you the set temperature in the right zone; another shows you the current temperature in the left zone and the last (predictably) shows you the current temperature in the right zone. All of that information is available at a simple glance, without even opening the clear glass door.

What Else Can it Brag About?

You may be surprised to know that there is much more for any owner of this appliance to brag about. I covered a lot of it in the opening statements about its overall look and feel. Let’s take a moment to discuss its function, though.

The slide-out shelves move effortlessly along rollers, allowing you to pull out your favorite bottle without disrupting its sediment or using brute force. The shelves are quite strong. Made of wood and reinforced with steel supports and sliders, these shelves will easily handle the weight of up to 11 bottles each. The same cannot be said for many similarly-sized coolers. This is why so many coolers of similar sizes do not boast the ability to hold as many bottles of wine. You may be able to fit 116 bottles into a cooler built by someone else, but that doesn’t mean its shelves are equipped to support such weight.

The triple-layer glass door acts as a wonderful insulator, allowing your cooler to stay off for longer periods of time than many of the coolers created by competing companies. One of the layers of glass has UV protection built into it to protect your wine from harmful sunlight. Many other coolers rely on tinting to accomplish that task, making it more difficult to see inside your cooler without opening the glass door. No need to worry here, though.


If you are in search of a large cooler capable of holding many (up to 116) bottles of wine, you will be hard pressed to find one which is better than this. It is compact (considering how many bottles it can accommodate), easy to ease, exquisitely beautiful, and built with quality in mind.
You can find this wine cooler here on Amazon, you won’t be disappointed.

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