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NutriChef PKTEWC120 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

The perfect wine cooler for first-timers

Are you looking for an entry-level unit which offers outstanding value for money and which is small enough to fit into even the most compact kitchen? The Nutrichef 12 bottle wine cooler could be your ideal choice, offering cutting edge technology paired with contemporary style.

NutriChef PKTEWC120 12-Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler

NutriChef PKTEWC120 12 Bottle
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Utilizing thermoelectric high-precision cooling technology, this model is fully equipped with state-of-the-art temperature variation controls to effortlessly keep up to 12 bottles of your favorite wine cool and ready to drink.

A Stylish And Flexible Design
The free-standing design of this wine cooler means that it offers maximum flexibility with regard to placement. You can choose to place it on the floor in your kitchen, on a counter top or even under a counter for ease of access. With its stylish and modern black housing, this model will also perfectly accentuate the style and décor of the room in which it’s placed.

While the black housing is aesthetically appealing, you won’t be compromising on sturdiness – the stainless steel door is strong and built to last. Unlike many other rival units, this model is also made from sturdy metal rather than only plastics in a metal color. This ensures that it is durable enough to last the long haul.

Top Features

  • Super-quiet operation thanks to the thermoelectric cooling system
  • Touchscreen digital controls for temperature levels and interior light
  • Stylish blue LED interior lighting
  • 12 bottle capacity
  • Flexible free-standing design for countertop or under counter placement
  • Sturdy and strong all-metal construction
  • Bottles can be stored both vertically and horizontally for maximum flexibility
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind

Lighting And Controls
The interior of this modern wine cooler features a blue LED light for even greater visual appeal. The LED means that there will not no unwanted warming from incandescent lighting while the cool blue color adds a touch of contemporary elegance to the unit. Its front face features a light and temperature control panel with integrated touchscreen technology so you can easily adjust its temperature and switch off its interior light with no need to open the cooler door in order to make adjustments and risk your wine becoming warm.

Temperature Range
The interior of this model ranges from 10 degrees Celsius up to 18 degrees and there is even an incorporated self-adjusting mechanism to allow for natural fluctuation in room temperatures. This allows both white and red wines to be stored conveniently and at the ideal temperature for extended periods.

Sound And Vibrations
Thanks to the thermoelectric cooling technology which this unit features paired with its advanced fan design, you can benefit from silent running. This makes the cooler ideal for use in various locations around the home. There will be no worries about disturbance from this quiet model. Not only that, but the thermoelectric cooling system also eliminates any potentially harmful vibrations which could spoil your wines’ integrity.

Interior Space
The interior of this wine cooler has been intelligently designed so storage space is perfectly optimized. Access is also incredibly convenient with polished chrome partitioned wine racks to allow you to store your bottles both horizontally and vertically.


  • Sturdy, strong and built to last
  • Extremely quiet running and free from vibrations that could harm the wine
  • Can be placed in multiple locations due to compact size and free-standing design
  • Suitable for storing both red and white wines


  • The unit is relatively small, storing only 12 bottles
  • There is no dual zone capability in this model

Bottom Line
The Nutrichef 12 bottle wine cooler is a desirable unit and is ideal for anyone who needs an entry-level, small unit to keep under their counter or on their countertop. With plenty of aesthetic appeal and a sturdy construction, it’s a great value option that is reliable and long-lasting enough to suit any need. It’s certainly one of the top contenders on the market today for anyone who is buying their first cooler and who wants to be certain of getting plenty of bang for their buck. Get it here on Amazon.

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