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Spt 12 Bottle Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler Review

My Should-Have-Bought 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

If you’re currently looking for a 12 bottle wine cooler, you may have come across my review on the Avanti 12 bottle which I did in fact buy (and it served me well). However, my collection soon started to grow and eventually I decided to purchase the NewAir AW281E 28 bottle which is also doing a fine job.

What I remembered is that not everyone is at the stage I am now so offering good and honest information about other smaller wine coolers is important. This is why I’ve decided to give you information on (what seems to be) one of the best coolers that will house 12 bottles of wine, red or white.

This model is the SPT Thermo-Electric 12 bottle and I only wish I had come across this cellar when I was doing research on my first cooler. Below is why I think you should consider giving it a try:

Spt Thermo-Electric 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

Spt 12 Bottle Wine Cooler
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With the number of electrical appliances available to us these days, manufacturers are doing their best to make sure they don’t take up too much space in the home, and SPT (Sunptentown) has done an excellent job with this cooler.

It stands at just 24.5 inches high and 12 inches wide so it will easily fit into a space in your kitchen, dining room or any other place in the home you want show it off. The glass door has an accentuated black trim and recessed handle (no more bashing yourself as you walk past) and is double paned and insulated, so you don’t have to worry about your wines being affected by the elements outside. If you like, you can make use of the interior light which gives off a really soft glow when it’s dark outside (or, for more practical reasons, it will light up your wines enough for you to be able to see which one is where).

The Best Feature
The best feature about this wine cooler isn’t the look, it’s not the price (which incidentally will easily fit into any budding collector’s budget), it’s not even the fact that it will take up little space in your home. No! It’s the way the cooling system works.

Thermo-electric will not come as a surprise to some of you because many manufacturers use this. It works in such a way that there is no need for a compressor, which helps keep vibration to a minimum and noise levels down. However, the difference with this cooler is it will also automatically detect when the temperature falls below what you’ve set and heat the interior accordingly.

I’ve yet to come across another model of this size and in this price range that will do the same thing. It will also do the whole thing quietly enough to go pretty much unnoticed. If you want my advice when you’re looking for your first wine cooler of this size, you should at least consider purchasing one of these, I wish I had!
It is sold at Amazon with a huge discount, you can check it out HERE.

Perhaps the only reason not to buy this wine cooler is when you need dual zone cooling. So in case you’re looking for a wine cooler of that type, I would recommend you to read my review on the 12 bottle Haier HVTM12DABB, a really great dualzone wine cooler.

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