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Sunpentown 20 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Great Wine Cooler for Little Money

I know about Sunpentown (or as they are often referred to, SPT) for their products like air conditioners, fans or dehumidifiers. But, I never knew they produced wine coolers until just recently. What I discovered really surprised me for a number of reasons.

The main one was price. Now, if you’ve been through our website, you will no doubt be aware that I currently own the NewAir AW218E 28 bottle wine cooler but, this doesn’t mean that I didn’t have to do some research along the way and, that’s how I came across the Sunpentown WC-20TL ThermoElectric wine cooler.
I have my reasons for choosing the NewAir brand but the whole point of this website is to give people a choice so, I felt it prudent to pass on the information I came across.

Sunpentown 20 Bottle WC-20TL ThermoElectric Wine Cooler

Sunpentown 20 Bottle WC-20TL ThermoElectric Wine Cooler
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If you like minimalist, you’ll love this model. When the door is closed and the light is off it could be likened to a black cube. I happen to think this is a really good idea. There is no fuss and if you’re not about showing off that you have a collection of wine, this cellar will blend into the background just perfectly.
The glass door is mirrored with a black trim (the glass is mirrored not just for style but also to help protect the wines within) and, in my humble opinion it gives the whole cooler a very contemporary look.

The temperature range available with this model can be set from 54 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it perfect for both reds and whites. The control panel for the temperature is touch sensitive and easy to use.

It’s actually more compact than you might think and considering it holds 20 bottles of wine, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a space for it.
There are five shelves which hold 4 bottles each and these can be removed if you want to store wines that are larger than the standard size. However, you can store taller bottles without having to turn them sideways. If you are interested in showing off your collection, you have the option of an internal blue light but this is really just for aesthetics (it can be hard to read the labels on the wine).

This always seems to be the focal point when I’m researching wine coolers. Everyone appears to have a difference of opinion. What you should know is this cooler uses thermoelectric technology. This means there is no compressor and that helps with reducing the amount of noise produced.

Some have noted that when this cooler is first used, it will be quite audible until you get it down to the temperature you want. After that, it can barely be noticed by many. However, this is not a silent wine cooler. In fact, there aren’t many on the market that are, especially in this price range.

I mentioned this at the beginning of my review and whilst I have come across the odd negative here and there, the main point everyone makes is that this SPT wine cooler is excellent value for money. If you’re interested in either starting a wine collection or you just want to keep a few wines properly chilled, this model is definitely worth a look. I for one, will certainly look at this model should I need a second.

Last time I checked Amazon gave a $50 discount on this model and you could pick it up for about $170, you can check HERE if that offer is still valid.

If you’re not too concerned about the money, you may also want to read my review on the NewAir AW-210ED Streamline. It has about the same capacity (21 bottles) but offers dual zone cooling, which is great if you like both reds and whites.

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