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Vinotemp VT-15TS 15 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Wide Temperature Range Cooler for a Wide Range of Wines

For some time now I have been a regular at my local wine cellar. Not just because I can get some of the nicest wines available to me in the local area, but because I can get some really good advice on “what’s in and what’s not” at the time. The owner is more than used to seeing me just after my pay check has come in and really doesn’t mind if I spend a while perusing the latest stock.

She is also not adverse to giving me information on how I should be looking after the latest wine I’ve bought, and she knows I want to know all about wine coolers. It was on one such visit that I happened to come across a cooler that I hadn’t noticed before.

What struck me about it was the fact that it had several bottles of wine stored vertically as well as horizontally. Not only that, the design was so understated that it was little wonder I had missed it on previous occasions.

Vinotemp VT-15TS 15 Bottle Wine Cooler

Vinotemp VT-15TS 15 Bottle Wine Cooler
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Upon asking what type it is, I was told the model was a Vinotemp VT-15TS 15 bottle wine cooler. The whole unit was in black with the exception of the door which had dual paned glass. My eye had already been caught by one of the wines inside and when the door was opened for me to take a closer look, I realized it had magnetic seals which (as I was told) helped to keep the interior temperature regular.

This meant that less energy was used by the compressor and, of course, there is less noise as a result. The range of temperatures also impressed me, it can be anything from 39-65 degrees Fahrenheit. This also meant that a wide range of wines could be stored inside.

Just going back to the interior, there is enough space for 15 bottles (hence the name) and if you want, you can store the bulkier sized bottles (which I have noticed is one of the biggest complaints many people have with wine cooler). The metal shelves could also be removed if you’re not worried about less space and want to store a particularly large bottle.

The control panel was touch-screen which sort of put me off a bit because these are usually quite sensitive, but there is a lock so people don’t change the settings by mistake. There is also a really nice looking interior light in blue which isn’t overly bright.

The only thing I was warned about (should I think about buying one) is this model is free-standing only. Because it vents from the back it does need some space so you wouldn’t be able to back it up against a wall or install it in a cabinet space.

The last tiny little negative I would think about on this wine cooler is the cooling system itself. It doesn’t use the quieter thermoelectric system, just a compressor. Whilst this wasn’t a problem in the store, I should imagine that it could become a problem in the home if it’s kept somewhere where noise can be annoying.

To cut a long story short, my monthly trip to the local wine cellar was as usual enlightening. And not only did I find out about the Vinotemp VT-15TS Wine Cooler, I also came away with what I’m hoping is going to be an excellent Chardonnay.

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