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Westinghouse WWT080MB Wine Cellar Review

If you are just getting started in the world of wine it’s good not to step too far outside your comfort zone. Very few professionals in the field will expect (or even suggest) you to go out and buy a large multi-zone wine cooler fridge. As with anything, it is always best to start small. Chances are that you prefer one type of wine (white, red, etc.) to the rest, so this compact single-zone option will be perfect for you.

When I first started buying wine I stuck by the only one wine fact I knew – red is warm and white is chilled. My understanding was, seriously, that basic. I didn’t really drink the stuff, so it wasn’t something I offered a lot of thought too. I purchased wine mostly so that I would have something on-hand for my dinner guests. It wasn’t long, though, before someone politely explained to me that I wasn’t serving my wines at the right temperature. Little did I know, then, that the temperature inside my fridge was far too cold for the white wine I usually served to my guests.

Westinghouse WWT080MB Thermal Electric Wine Cellar

Westinghouse WWT080MB 8-Bottle
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Now that I have become a connoisseur of wine myself, I see the drastic mistake I was making all those years ago. My first step in the right direction was purchasing a simple, eight-bottle wine cooler like this one. There is no need to go ahead and purchase something huge with more wine bottles than you can handle, or that takes up a large amount of space in your house. This Westinghouse cooler is perfect for beginners.

Functional Features
I want to begin by discussing some of the functional features built into this cooler, because they are, after all, the most important features it has. With a temperature range from 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, this cooler is perfect for those of you who enjoy anything from white to red, including Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Shiraz, among others. It is not, however, the best option for those who enjoy dessert wines, sparkling wines, or champagne on a regular basis, since those beverages require a lower temperature setting.

A tiny dial inside the cellar allows you to adjust the temperature according to your preferences and the wines you have placed inside. Remember that you will only be able to choose one temperature setting for all of the bottles inside this unit. Unlike dual zone coolers, this one will not allow you to set different temperatures for different bottles.

Making your life much easier than some other options, this cooler features pull-out shelves. Simply slide a shelf toward your to read the labels and select the right wine for your occasion.

The ultra-quiet thermal electric cooling unit built into this cellar means it will run virtually undetected, even to the trained ear. I have faith that I could even meditate in the same room as this thing without being disturbed by it, the way I would by one with a typical, traditional cooling system.

Visual Design Features
In our overall buying guide and other informative articles I often talk about how style isn’t as important as function. That being said, I know that style matters to many of you. After all, this wine cooler is going to take considerable space in your home and will be seen by your guests. It’s okay to think about what it looks like and how that affects the overall appearance of your room.

The tinted glass door on this cooler allows you to see inside while also adding to its subtle design. I could easily envision this cooler in any kitchen which already has dark or stainless steel appliances. It would blend in nicely while also adding a cool, contemporary feel. The height of the unit is also perfect for those of you who intend to fit this into your kitchen – it will slide nicely under your countertop without leaving an unsightly gap.

The sleek black exterior means that this will function well as a standalone unit, as well. You won’t need to hide it beneath the countertop of your kitchen if you don’t want to. In fact, it will make the perfect addition to any bar or dining room area. Adjustable feet allow you to make it perfectly level on uneven surfaces.

Adding further to its beautiful appearance, the glass door looks virtually frameless, because the company has chosen to hide the hinges from view. Personally, I find that this gives the cooler a very elegant design – one I would expect to find in an upscale restaurant.

In terms of style, function and size, you really can’t beat this electronic wine cellar. My overall impression of this cooler is that it will do the exact job you’ve purchased it for, so long as you do not intend to chill dessert wines or champagne in it. I think, though, that if you aren’t a dessert wine drinker, you will be impressed. It will also be a great talking point for any awkward dinner parties, since people won’t be able to stop themselves from commenting on its beautiful design. Here on Amazon, people do the same, this unit is highly rated and it’s hard to find any negative comments.

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