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Where to Place Your Wine Cooler

Many of you may think that deciding on where to place your wine cooler is really personal preference and it is, to a certain extent. If you’re new to the whole wine cooling “experience” as I once was, you may think it’s just a case of finding a space in your home where you think your new appliance will look really nice.

Whilst many manufacturers do place an emphasis on looks when they design their wine coolers, there are some factors you need to take into consideration. I aim to start with the most obvious:

I have to say, I made this mistake once and bought a wine cooler for a space in my kitchen only to find that when it arrived it wouldn’t fit!
DimensionsThis the one piece of advice I will give ANYONE who is looking for their first cooler.

Don’t be dazzled by all that chrome and pretty lighting you think will look just great in a particular room in your home.

Take note of the size of space you have and, make sure you check the dimensions before you hit the “add to cart” button.

This is less obvious really. After all, you’re going to expect your chosen wine cooler to do all the work for you when it comes to keeping your wines at a temperature that will look after them (and make them taste better)! However, you do have to remember that different rooms in the home will have different ambient temperatures.
For instance, the top floor in your home may well be a lot warmer than the ground floor, especially in summer. If you have a large collection of wine you want to store in your garage or basement, the temperatures will differ here too.

The point I want to make about taking this into consideration is how hard your chosen model will have to work in order to keep an optimum level so your wines don’t spoil. It is, of course possible to place just about any model you like wherever you like (based on space), but think about the difference between what’s going on inside your cooler compared to the what’s going on outside, this will make a difference.

Now, this may seem like a strange one to add to this section because pretty much all manufacturers make sure the glass in their wine coolers is at least double paned.
SunDepending on what your budget is you can find all sorts of other technologies out there. You can have smoked, UV protection and many other elaborate ways that not only adds to the overall design but, will make sure the wines inside are well protected from light.

However, you should think about the fact that your wine cooler may well be exposed to sunlight for most of the day. If it is, and you don’t choose the right protective glass, you may end up using more energy as a result. You could also add more wear and tear in general to your cooler because it has to work harder.

Bottom Line
So, the answer on where to place your wine cooler is just about anywhere you like really.
Just bear in mind some of the points above.

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