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Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Review
Best 20-Bottle Wine Cooler

So good you’ll brag to all your friends

Talking to a good friend recently, I was eager to hear more about his new 20-bottle wine cooler. “It’s fantastic, Marlene,” he told me. “Honestly, I am so happy with this thing that I don’t know how I ever lived without it.” Well, that was enough for me. I instantly needed to learn more. Not only did I spend a good half an hour discussing the ins and outs of this cooler with him, I even had to go over to his house to see it myself. Sure enough, I quickly came to understand why he loved it so much.

You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the cooler my friend was talking about was this 20-bottle cooler by Whynter. I mean, why else would I be talking about it here, on this page, in this review?
That same friend caught wind of the fact that I was creating this website; he took it upon himself to make it his mission that I select this cooler as our top choice among 20-bottle coolers. I will admit that I got him to “prove” its worth by sharing some wine with me, but if I’m honest with you, I really didn’t need any convincing. This cooler speaks for itself.

Whynter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler with Tinted Mirror Glass Door

Whynter 20 Bottle Wine Cooler
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Flawless, Easy-to-Use Design

I’m going to walk you through the basics of this cooler the same way my friend Dave did. First, he talked all about how great it was, without giving me specifics. I suppose he just couldn’t figure out how to tell me about its qualities. Once I finally got him to show it to me, he walked me over to it and told me to just stand there and look at it. “It’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it?” he said, looking it up and down.

He was right. It is a thing of beauty. Its beautiful black glass door allowed me the slightest peak inside where I could see about 16 bottles chilling for future events and evenings by the fire. That very same glass, however, has function too. Of course, Dave reminded me of this, as if I wasn’t already aware of the purpose of darkened glass on a wine fridge. “It will keep the sunlight out so that the UV rays don’t mess with the wine,” he said. He was right again. This is why I love these dark, glass doors. I like to see what is inside my wine cooler without having to open it (I hate to disturb my wine needlessly), but also like to keep the UV rays out.

Dave’s cooler is in his basement, where his unfinished floors make for a very uneven surface. Naturally, he was excited to show me that the small rounded legs are adjustable. “This is how I keep the wine settled just right, and perfectly level,” he explained.

I asked Dave to show me more about how it works, motioning toward the LCD display and three soft touch buttons located at the top of the unit. It was all pretty straight forward – the up arrow adjusts the temperature upward, the down arrow lowers the temperature, and the lightbulb button turns on the soft interior light. “The temperature goes from 46 degrees to 65,” Dave explained. I really liked that this cooler would be perfect for people who prefer any kind of wine. I also liked that I could turn on the light without having to open the door.

I did open the door, though, because I had to see what was inside. Five evenly-spaced, molded wire shelves sat inside, each adorned with an assortment of Dave’s favorite reds. I slid them forward, one by one, noting how easily they moved along their tracks. Virtually no vibration moved through the wine as I inspected the bottles, shelf by shelf.

The Best Selling Point of All

“It’s really quiet,” I said to Dave as I closed the door. “Is it off?” Nope. It wasn’t off. In fact, it was running the entire time that I was inspecting it. Thanks to the quiet nature of its thermoelectric cooling system I hadn’t even noticed that it was on. This nearly silent system is not only much less annoying than the loud cooling systems of the past, it also helps to keep your wine still as it sits, by not causing vibrations to run through the cooler.


In closing, I just want to say that I see exactly why my friend Dave was so excited to tell me all about his new wine cooler. Upon seeing and inspecting this beautiful machine, I wholeheartedly agree with him that it deserves a prestigious place on this website. Whether you enjoy white wine, red wine, or an assortment of dessert wines, the temperature range on this cooler is perfectly matched to any taste. Its ultra-quiet, no-vibration thermoelectric cooling system, along with its simple and beautiful design, are bound to impress your friends as well.

If you check here on Amazon, you’ll see that customers are mostly positive as well, plus the pricing of this unit can only be described as very fair.

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