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Wine Enthusiast 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Review
Best and Most Silent Freestanding Cooler

With its great quality, and quiet operation, you will not be disappointed

In this review, I come back to a brand which has served me well in my previous experience. This wine cooler from Wine Enthusiast holds 28 standard Bordeaux sized bottles of wine. And honestly, it’s sleek and gorgeous. It’s a freestanding, single zone wine cooler which will meet your needs silently and in state-of-the-art fashion, especially if your collection consists primarily of red wines.

Wine Enthusiast Silent Freestanding 28 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Wine Enthusiast Silent 28-Bottle
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The designers of this Wine Enthusiast unit wisely chose a sleek all black look, a look which will not look out of place in most kitchens and home bars. The entirely black exterior (aside from a small Wine Enthusiast logo near the bottom of the door) is accompanied by a door constructed of reflective double paned smoked glass, a material which provides superior insulation for the unit and its contents and which also protects the contents from any potentially harmful ultraviolet light.

The handle is recessed, contributing to the sleek look of this wine cooler and preventing your sleeve from catching on it and accidentally opening the door to let out all your hard won cool air and disturb the peace of your wine bottles. Honestly, my only complaint with the appearance of this Wine Enthusiast model is the fact that the door hinge is not recessed and sticks out a bit obviously on the top corner of the door. But this is a minor issue in an otherwise flawless execution of sleek and elegant wine cooler design.

The interior of the wine cooler can be lit up with energy efficient blue LED lighting, allowing your wine collection to be displayed in optimal fashion. Inside the wine cooler are 6 metal shelves which cradle each standard bottle of wine and which can be pulled out and removed to make space for wine bottles of a larger size. I do want to note that the wire shelves do not appear to have any sort of coating, which means that they might potentially be susceptible to rust at some point in the life of the product.

Another aspect of the Wine Enthusiast’s appearance which is worth a mention is its touchscreen thermostat control panel. This digital touchscreen panel, placed along the upper edge of the front of the door, allows you to raise the temperature, to lower the temperature, to select whether the temperature is to be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and even to toggle the blue LED wine display light on and off. This digital touchscreen thermostat control panel is beautifully and seamlessly integrated into the front of the door, meaning that you don’t have to open the door at all in order to adjust the temperature settings for your wine collection. You don’t even need to reach around to the back of the unit to make the adjustments.

This Wine Enthusiast model holds 28 standard Bordeaux sized bottles of wine, although the top shelf can house the larger 750 mL wine bottles and the other shelves can also be removed to accommodate larger bottles as well.

The temperature range for this unit is 52 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it suitable for basically all reds but which does not work for quite a few white wines which require a cooler temperature. But if you’re mainly a fan of red wines, that shouldn’t be a problem for you.

The standout feature of this wine cooler is found in its name: it is “silent.” And silent it is indeed. It achieves this silence using thermoelectric cooling technology. This practically eliminates any noise and any vibrations (which can disturb your wine) and reduces the energy consumption of the unit to a minimum.

I find this unit gorgeous and functional with a super cool touchscreen thermostat control panel and a design that checks all the boxes, albeit with a somewhat limited temperature range. But if you are a red wine enthusiast with approximately 28 bottles of wine, this wine cooler model may be the one for you. Check out the product listing on Amazon for more info and purchasing options.

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